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Using Ice in Your Black Water Tank

When you are preparing to leave and dump your black water tank, put a bag of ice in your toilet and dump it your black water tank.  You can some Dawn dish soap as well to help clean the walls.  When you are hooked up and are going to the dump station, the ice will slosh around your tank, helping loosen any particles that may be stuck to the sensors or walls of your tank.  Some reads have suggested that once you empty your tank, you can add a cap full of Calgon and a gallon of water to help with odors while not in use.

Refrigerator Odor & Mold

When your RV is parked and not in use, crack your refrigerator door to allow moisture to dry and not create mold and yucky odors.  You can also place a box of baking soda inside the refrigerator to absorb odors.

NOTE: It is important to shut the door before you are hooked up and back on the road again or the door can become damaged if not properly secured.