3 Tips on Purchasing Your First RV

Purchasing your first RV can be a challenge. 

Are you budgeting for New or Used?  Where do you shop?  What do I need vs. want? 

Where do you start?

We asked ourselves these questions when we first started looking for our RV.  It was hard because there are so many options, brands, and types to choose from.

Luckily, there is a GREAT camping community that you can tap into to help answer those questions. 

Here are a few tips that really helped us find our first memory maker.

1.       Research.

I know that sounds like a no brainer but spend some time researching the type of RV that will work right for your family.  Here are a few things to consider.

Do you want a pop-up, travel trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Motorhome? 

To answer that will be, to each their own depending on how they will use their RV.  However, there are important things to research that many people don’t think about.  If you are choosing a trailer that you will haul, it is important to own or have the means to purchase a vehicle that can accommodate the size of trailer you are considering.  If you are shopping at a dealership, they will be able all the information that you will need to ensure you tow safely with the vehicle that you have.

You can check the amount of towing capability a vehicle by clicking below to learn more.

2.       Budget.

Whether you are purchasing your RV new or used, it is important to understand the investment that you are making.  Yes, I said investment as opposed to debt.  An RV is a great way to spend time with the family, go on vacation, or just unplug and relax. We have found that going on vacation with our RV can cost substantially less than renting a house, condo, or hotel and there are so many campgrounds that offer a variety of amenities that everyone will love.

Check out our featured campgrounds to see what a RV vacation can offer.

With that said, here are few things to consider that may help you make the right purchase for you.

·         How often will you use your RV?  Are you planning on becoming a Weekend Warrior, RVactioneer, part-time, or full-time?  If you won’t be using your RV every day, consider buying an RV that will accommodate your family for shorter periods of time.

·         What type of amenities are you looking for?  Do you need a bunk house for the kids or extra guests?  An exterior kitchen for outdoor cooking? Slide outs for more interior room?  Remember the room amenities you want, the more expensive your investment will be.

If you aren’t finding the RV that you want within your budget, consider renting out your RV to offset some of the cost of your investment while you aren’t using it.

To learn more about RV Share, click below.

3.       Connect.

When we first started camping (literally, the very first day) we were approached by the GREAT camping community.  These people are not a myth and really do exist.  When you are a first-timer, you will never be alone.  If you have a question, ask your camp neighbor.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn.

Other ways to learn more about RV camping.

·         Join a Facebook group.  There are many camping groups out there and the members are willing to give advice on a variety of topics.  This is a great way to learn about camping, different styles of RVs, and discover new travel locations.

·         Follow a blog and sign up for newsletters.

Here are a few links to get you started.

·         Go to an RV show.

To locate a RV show near you, click below.

Have a comment of question on tips for purchasing your first RV?  Let us know below!